Behaviour. It's time for change.


The leading manger will display empathy and have good listening skills. They will keep an open mind and and seek new information and data. They will communicate a clear vision and set an example for employees.

As employees, you will see an increased rate of productivity, a clear defined goal to achieve and understand exactly how to achieve it. You will have more confidence and receive recognition for achievement. Situations will be dealt with fast and a resolution be created quickly to ensure the situation is effectively resolved.


Managers will provide as much motivation when possible. Their goal is to motivate employees so work continues effectively and employees want to keep working at their best. Managers will understand that everyone has different levels, some can worker harder than others and comply to this with added motivation for what they have done.

Employees, you will experience a value of importance in the business and know that you are adding to the pathway of achieving the business' goal. Your behaviour and productivity towards working will dramatically increase and you will feel good about this and you will want to continue this.


Communication is the key role in a business' operation. Managers will have improved effective management skills. Plans and strategies may not work without effective communication skills being present. Improvements will include face-to-face communication - talking with other members in the team and the manager, email and telephone systems will be assessed and improved where possible, and our managers will have their listening skills revised to improve the information being transferred across the business.

As an employee you will see an improved communication system within the business. Managers and other team members will discuss with each other for ideas, email and telephones will improve with much more clearer messages as to ensure the message is conveyed accurately and correctly. Our managers will be ore open to listen to your ideas and see how they can be implemented into the business and improve its operations.

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