Ciara VS Beyoncé

By Diamond

Ciara and Beyoncé has never been in competition before. They are both intelligent people and great singers. They might have some differences but they have some similarities too. For instance the way or style they sing in.

Beyoncé is a R&B,Pop,Funk, and Soul singer. She was titled the strongest musican since she married her husband Jay-Z. Ciara is a a Crunk&b,R&B,Hip-Hopand Rap singer. She was titled anything just yet.

Ciara and Beyoncé have had a lot of relationships. Ciara had a baby boy with the the singer Future before they broke up. Now she dating the Sea Hawks football player Rusell Wilson. Beyoncé had a baby girl with her husband. She is friends with her cousin Kelly Rowland.

Beyoncé and Ciara has gotten a lot of awards. Beyoncé has gotten 5 BET awards, 15 MTV awards, 9 Grammys, and 4 Soul train awards. Ciara has gotten 2 BET awards,1 Billboard music awards,1 Grammy,2 MTV awards,4 Soul Train awards,1 World music award,2 Teen Choice awards,3 ASCAP Pop awards,1 Ozone award,1 vibe award,and a ASCAP Rhythm and soul music award. Ciara has a total of 28 awards. Beyoncé has a total of 43 awards.

Despite all the awards drama and choas they always have a way to pull it together and to stay on top.They never gave up on anything.