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Weeding: 520-525 Dewey Range

Why 520 - 525?

The selection of the Dewey Range 520-525 was chosen based on content standards for my grade level. The books in the Dewey Range 520-525 have content based on stars and planets. The Georgia Performance Standards in Science associated with this range of books include: S2E1, S2E2, and S2E3. These standards correlate with the topic of space (stars, the moon, and planets). The standards are then taught at a deeper level in fourth grade using the Georgia Performance Standards: S4E1, S4E2, S4E3. Furthermore this selection of books was chosen because I recently taught a science unit incorporating these standards. Upon teaching that unit I stumbled across a book that had inaccurate information. This particular book within this Dewey Range intrigued me even more when given this assignment.
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Weeding Based on Data

There are 58 books currently in the MLC Library inventory within the Dewey Range of 520-525. I used Destiny, the online catalog program my school uses for inventory of materials, to pull reports based on circulation and the age of the books. The data from these reports showed some very valid points. Books that have a publication date of 1996 or before are checked out less often than books that have a publication date of 1996 or later. There is a significant drop in the circulation numbers for books that are 20 years or older.

If we take a closer look at these 58 books within this Dewey range we can see that 28 of the books are 20 years or older in publication date. This leaves us with 30 books with a publication date less than 20 years old. This data reveals that almost half of this section of books are on the verge of being outdated.

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Weeding Based on Curricular Needs

The collection of books in the MLC library for the section 520-525 meets the curricular needs for the standards for second grade: S2E1, S2E2, and S2E3 and for fourth grade: S4E1, S4E2, and S4E3. These books give in-depth information about the topic of stars, the moon, and planets. Within this selection there are a variety of reading levels for the topic. This allows those of all reading abilities to understand the content at their appropriate level. The books within this section were used as part of a research project second grade students completed during their unit on space.
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Weeded Books

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The books within this Dewey range were also "weeded" based on the overall physical appearance. A book does not serve as a good resource if it torn, tattered, or unbound. Several books were identified during this weeding process based on physical appearance.

The Solar System by Beatrice McLeod (523 MCL)

Galaxies by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Saturn by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Constellations: A Glow-in-the-dark Guide to the Night Sky by Chris Sasaki (523 SAS)

Stars by Lynda Sorensen (523 SOR)

Only one book, The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn Branley, seemed to have inaccurate information. This book also has a publication date of 1987, which means it is over due to be weeded. This book does not discuss all 8 phases of the moon, which is important information as related to our standards.
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There are 28 books within this Dewey range that are over 20 years old. These books need to weeded based on age and circulation. These books are not being used nearly as often as the newer books in this Dewey range. The space series written by Seymour Simon have an updated version that was published in 2012. The series the library houses are from 1990-1992.

*The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn Branley (523 BRA)

Does The Moon Change Shape? by Meish Goldish (523 GOL)

Moon, Sun, and Stars by John Lewellen (523 LEW) - 2 copies

Comets, Meteros, and Asteroids by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

*Galaxies by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Jupiter by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Mars by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Mercury by Seymour Simon (523 SIM) - 2 copies

Neptune by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Our Solar System by Seymour Simon (523 SIM) - 3 copies

Saturn by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Stars by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Uranus by Seymour Simon (523 SIM)

Venus by Seymour Simon (523 SIM) - 2 copies

Comets and Meteors by Lynda Sorensen (523 SOR)

Moon by Lynda Sorensen (523 SOR)

Planets by Lynda Sorensen (523 SOR)

*Stars by Lynda Sorensen (523 SOR)

Sun by Lynda Sorensen (523 SOR)

Not Quite Planets by Glenn Taylor (523 TAY)

Day and Night by Maria Gordon (525 GOR)

How We Learned the Earth is Round by Patricia Lauber (525 LAU)

Earth by Lynda Sorensen (525 SOR)

*Book titles with an asterisk beside them have been listed in the weeded section previously for physical damage or inaccurate information.

Disposal of Weeded Items

The weeding policy for my school district is found within the Media Specialists Handbook. The materials to be weeded must be documented within the catalog program Destiny. This discarded information will be stored for one year before being removed. The weeded items will be included on the year-end-report which is given to principals. Under the guidance of the principal, the media specialist will discard the material in the most ecologically sound way. Items that are discarded must have all school identification stickers, labels, and barcodes removed. In addition, a list of discarded items must be given to the media committee to determine if the material should be replaced or not.