New Products & FREE TintSkin Sample

Beautycounter Charcoal Bar, Sea Salt Spray & Bars = Amazing!

Charcoal Bar = LOVE

Ladies - I can't even tell you how excited I am about our 5 new amazing products from Beautycounter! See them all below in the email.

BONUS - With any order placed through the end of the month you get a FREE Tint Skin Color Sample to find your perfect shade (while supplies last!) One of my favorites and a client favorite as well - see details below:)

FIVE New Products this week:

-Charcoal Cleansing Bar - $24

-Sea Salt Spray - $26

-Citrus Mimosa Cleansing Bar - $20

-Rose Neroli Hand Cream - $17

-Rose Neroli Hand Soap - $15

Historically our new products launch and sell out quickly! I expect to see that happen with the Charcoal Bar and the Sea Salt Spray! So get your order in today for those two.

I have been using the Charcoal Bar for the last month and loving it! I keep it in the shower and I use about every other day. My husband uses it daily. Leaves skin super clean and not dry. Activated Charcoal has been totally the rage lately - in food and beauty products. This is going to be a staple in my routine. Great for acne, teens & to detoxify the skin. Really pulls out extra oil and blackheads! With all the detoxing going on this year so far the Charcoal Bar would be the perfect addition to your routine:)

Start shopping here and order yours today while you still can!

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FREE Tint Skin Color Sample

FREEBIE ALERT - A deluxe sample of our Skin Tint - light & dark shades to find your perfect color! FREE with any order through the end of the month (while supplies last!) Have you been wanting to try our Tint Skin and switch to a safer (and fabulous) foundation? Have you ever checked yours to see if it is free of harmful chemicals?

Quit waiting - Now is the perfect time to end your toxic relationship with unsafe beauty products! For those who have been wanting to try Beautycounter's Tint Skin Complexion Coverage, now's your chance to find your perfect shade! It's a best-seller and I'm addicted to it! Great way to test it out and get your color right for your next order! My shade is Linen in the Winter and Sand in the summer.

Any orders placed through the end of the month get one, while supplies last! Get stocked up on your favorites or jump in for the first time and start your safe swaps for your old toxic products.

Check everything out at Beautycounter - learn about the products, how to check your products for toxicity and find out about the mission! Shop now -

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Kelli Weber | Beautycounter Senior Director

Let's create change! Change within the industry and change in your beauty routine! I am her to help you, give me a buzz or message me to talk Beautycounter and how you can clean up your routine! Every small shift counts!

Have you been wanting to know how you can become a part of Beautycounter? Let's do this together! We are looking for more amazing women to lock arms with to bring safe and effective products to market so everyone has the choice to make safer beauty decisions. To learn more about how you can get involved with the safe beauty movement visit or email me @

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