Do they want something different?

Are you ready for a change?

"Prepare a one page ... "

  • Would you like a change from PowerPoint, Word or Publisher?
  • Is it taking too long for that one page summary that brings ideas and concepts together to be prepared?
  • Feel like adding another trick to that magic bag you already have?
  • perhaps try out doing an "old thing a new way"?
  • Would like to encourage students to be able to draw out the key concepts or most important features of their learning ... and efficiently summarise them
  • Take an opportunity to create customised digital posters quickly & easily

try Smore!

How to?

  • sign up and create your own account
  • try making a poster yourself - hard? easy? useful? is there a place for this in in your teaching?
  • do you want to have the class have a go? (book the lab and factor in the kids needing to sign up)
  • need help in the class? need help before the class?
  • remember, the students will just need some orientation and clear guidelines regarding content - the creativity will come