George W. Bush

By Thomas Smith

General Biography

George W. Bush was born on July 6th, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. Raised in the lone star state, Texas, Bush grew up as the oldest of five children. As he moved all over Texas he jumped from prep school to prep school. Believe it or not, President Bush was actually the head cheerleader at his school during his senior year! He attended Yale where his average grade was a 77.

Career before presidency

Before his presidency, Bush served in active duty for two years in the Texas Air National Guard. After losing his election to the house of representatives in1978, Bush started a few small oil exploration companies. After a few years Bush merged with Spectrum 7, a larger oil company, and took the position of chairman in it. After his company's stock plummeted he moved to D.C. to assist his father with his campaign for presidency. Following the successful presidency, Bush moved back to Texas where he invested almost a million dollars in the Texas Rangers, served as their managing general partner, and received a return of 15 million dollars. Soon after, Bush ran for and won governor of Texas. All of these events built up the president for his eventual election. His great success in business and by keeping his hand in political matters, George W. Bush prepared himself to be president of the United States.

Career as president

Although during his candidacy, Bush pushed a mainly domestic agenda, the tragedy of the September 11th terrorist attacks forced him to place foreign policy as a priority. The attacks, along with a recession caused by the "dotcom" bubble burst made president bush spend a lot of government money, more than any president since LBJ. Increase government spending and tax cuts layered on debt during bush's presidency. Everything that could have gone wrong during someone's presidency, went wrong. Luckily, we had George W. Bush to handle it.

Life after Presidency

After Obama's inauguration, the Bush's settled down in a neighborhood of Dallas. He regularly attends rangers games and conducted the first opening coin toss at the cowboy's new Arlington Stadium.

3 major acheivements

-leading the country through 9/11

-starting no child left behind education act

-AIDS relief program

3 failures

-excess government spending

-bad basis for war in Iraq

-poor tax policy handling

popularity as president and after

during his presidency bush's popularity gradually declined. the unpredictable events during his presidency caused the public to put blame for bad things on him. However, he obviously was popular enough to gain a second term. After his presidency, both conservatives and liberals alike see his legacy in both darkness and light. good things and bad things happened.


"Compassionate Conservative"

"Leave no child behind"

"real plans for real people"

"reformer with results"

cabinet members

secretary of state- condoleeza rice

secretary of treasury- henry Paulson

secretary of defense- Robert gates

attorney general- Michael mukasey

secretary of the inferior- dirk kempthorne

secretary of agriculture- Edward Schafer

secretary of commerce- carlos Gutierrez

secretary of labor- Elaine chao

secretary of health and human services- mike Leavitt

secretary of housing- steven preston

secretary of transportation- mary peters

secretary of energy- Samuel bodman

secretary of education- Margaret spellings

secretary of veterans affairs- james peake

secretary of homeland security- Michael Chertoff

Could the president lead today?

yes, he could. president bush knows what this country has gone through and knows what it needs today. he has suffered with the American people and triumphed with them. sadly, he has take up both of his terms and couldn't run even if he wanted to.