The Impact Slavery had on African American Families

Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story From the Underground Railroad

This book is based on the True life events of Henry "Box" Brown. It gives details of things that happened to Henry from childhood and through adulthood. We would explore how this story highlights cultural interactions between Whites and Blacks during slavery and how these interactions impacted Henry's life. Students will be exploring how the cultural practices, values and belief systems of Africans and Europeans affected American life, specifically, how slavery was viewed and how it impacted American life. This picture book brings these issues to the forefront of student thought. Slavery in America (Web-based Source)

This is a great resource to add to a lesson about the impact of slavery in early America. There is a short video that gives details about the slave culture in America. The video provides visual and auditory cues, which will allow diverse groups of students to access the information provided. Also, there is a written component on this website as well. The written component gives more detail about slavery in America. There are also links to other videos and resources that can further the discussion. How slavery affected African American Families (Informational Text)

The picture from Uncle Tom's Cabin shows a girl explaining to Uncle Tom that he is sold and that she is running away to save her baby.

This article gives details about how slavery affected African American families. This ties directly into this lesson because one of the life events that drove Henry to ship himself off to freedom was that his entire was being sold. He never saw them again. This article ties directly into that theme.

This is an 8th Grade Social Studies Text Set

The Standard this addresses: 8..C.1.1 Explain how influences from Africa, Europe, and the Americas impacted North Carolina and the United States (e.g. Columbian exchange, slavery and the decline of the American Indian populations Feel free to email me:
Henry's Freedom Box
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