A Tigers Ecosystem.


More facts about a tigers ecosystem.

The tiger lives in swamps,grasslands and rainforests.the content of the tiger is Asia.they are also found in zoos all over the world.Tigers need some where to live.They need to be kept in the wild.Its not good at all to capture.They need to stay in the wild.

Don't hunt down tigers so much!

Tigers are becoming endangered because people hunt them too much.Stop the madness and don't hunt down tigers so much.If we keep hunting the tigers so much there will be an overpopulation of the animals tigers eat.Animals like deer can carry desies to people and their pets, and we don't want that now do you.DON'T hunt them down so much.It will be better for us and the tigers.Please save the tigers.

Hunting impact on the animals.

Hunting can be used for good and bad. The hunting impact done by humans can cause good and bad times for the animals.Such as underpopulation and overpopulation.both of these situations are very very bad for you and the tigers and other living things.

Tiger food chain.

This is the food chain of a tiger.First the producer wich is a plant,then the herbivore,after that comes the first and secondary consumers.The end of the food chain is the decomposer. If one animal becomes extinct it effects the whole chain.
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Food web.

This here is a food web.This includes leopard,tiger,worm,boar,mushroom,plant,corn,yak,zebra,goat and birds.All of the elements in this food web are a part of the circle of life.Food webs are just like a real spiders web.Each line leads to a different element.Same thing with the food chain.If you hunt down all of one element it effects the whole web.

Abiotic and biotic factors.

The abiotic (non living) elements include rocks,soil,air and water. The biotic (living) elements include trees,bushes and tiny animals.A tiger can not survive on its own without these.So let's not cut down the trees.
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