Kevin's Life Action Update

September 2015

About Life Action Road Teams

For those who don't know much about Life Action, it is a ministry aimed at igniting movements of authentic Christianity across America. Life Action itself has several divisions, each division with a specific area to impact. The Division I will be a part of is referred to as the Life Action Road Team Division.

The goal of road teams are to make an impact on local churches, causing a new love for God, and a desire to show His genuine love to others. Road teams have several parts that take extensive planing to make everything run smoothly. Road teams consist of a lead revivalist, a family revivalist, a worship team, and children's ministers. My main responsibility will be drumming for the worship team; however, each team member does have various other responsibilities.

Family Camp

I arrived at Life Action camp on July 11th. Our road team was responsible for leading worship for family camp. It was an amazing experience! We led worship for a total of five weeks, and I enjoyed every minute of it. At the end of every week, the families had an opportunity to share what God had taught them over their stay. There were so many families that continued to tell of how God used Life Action to realize the "week spots" in their life. Perhaps the most encouraging thing to see was when a child or member of the youth class would commit their life to Jesus! It has been very exciting to see God work in the lives of the families that come to camp, and I look forward to seeing what God will do in churches all across america.

Prayer Requests

  • Our team is currently being graciously hosted by Crossroads Church in Plymouth, Indiana. Please pray that God would move and ignite a flame in the hearts of the members of this community.
  • Please pray that our team would be safe as we travel. We will be switching locations nearly every 1.5 week.
  • Several team members are becoming ill with various sicknesses. Please pray that even though some of our team is under the weather that we would still be effective in ministering.

Contact Information

I would love to stay connected! Feel free to contact me whenever you would like.