The 5 Levels


A good manager always plans out what he is going to do. In order to be organized. Planning can help a whole work force work together just by making a few arrangements. Most good managers set goal on what they want to accomplish and they set out to achieve them.
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Being organized is a huge part in running a successful business. To be organized you must lay out a good plan and set goal. After those goals have been set you need to try to achieve them.
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Staffing means that you are in charge of of many different activities and employees. You also will be assigned to prepare different work for employees and organize their jobs.
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Implementing basically means that you are a leader. You lead employees and try to direct them in the right path in what to do. You also try to help your employees accomplish goals that they set.
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When controlling you are overseeing the company and making sure that when the company sets goals that they achieve them. They also try to help in the planning process.
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