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"Oh the weather outside is frightful"....But Science is so Delightful.......

What an amazing and changing world we live in. It is difficult to miss the science in everyday life.

We were so happy to see many of you at the science content night in October. Hopefully, you have been providing ample opportunity for your students to read from sources other than a text book. Remember to present a purpose for the reading assignment so that students can annotate as they read.

Look for a Science Now in January that will consider “Where is Science in winter?” and will present the standards that are aligned.

Enjoy the holidays!

Suzette and Paula

What are your students reading?

Have you incorporated close reading and purposeful annotation in your science classroom?

Please consider responding to this brief survey.

Opportunities you may not want to miss...

SECO (Science Education Council of Ohio Conference)

Curious KIDDS for K-2 Ohio Teachers

Coursework and/or Masters of Art in Teaching Opportunities with Miami University

Earth Expeditions $1000 Scholarship

Offered by Project Dragonfly at Miami University and partners worldwide, Earth Expeditions provides participants extraordinary graduate-credit courses in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, while advancing global understanding, community-based education, and environmental stewardship.

All workshops share a focus on the process of inquiry, including observation, uncovering questions that lead to rewarding investigations, developing predictions and action plans, gathering evidence and interpreting findings.

Stone Laboratory

Ohio State's Island Campus on Lake Erie offers so many sources for learning and earning Professional Development credit hours for educators at every level.

Take a look at the information at

Specific coursework flyers for summer can be found on the website or obtained by contacting Suzette or Paula.

Explore the “Opportunities” listed above and please contact us if you need more information or have any questions.

Test Updates

Below are links to the various ODE webpages for state testing in Science.

If you are a grade 5, 8 or Biology teacher, your students will be testing in the spring.

We encourage you to take some time with your students and allow them to access the practice items on the AIR portal. As always, if you would like some help navigating through the pages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Landing page for state testing

Click here for student practice resources for grade 5, 8, and biology assessments.

Click here to access the scoring guidelines for the practice items as well as the released items from the grades 5 and 8 as well as the Physical Science assessments administered last winter and spring.

Performance level descriptors:

These documents describe what students should know and be able to do in order to achieve at each level. These statements may be helpful in writing learning targets and designing learning activities for your science classroom. Although there are only PLDs for grades 5 and 8, Physical Science, and Biology, the format can be applied to any grade level using the Visions into Practice section of the Model Curriculum for each content statement.

Grade 5 PLD Grade 8 PLD Physical Science PLD Biology PLD

Comet Catalina

This week Comet Catalina is visible during the predawn morning in the southeast sky.

As you can see from the photo, I just missed the comet. Hopefully we will have another nice clear morning.

Big image

Mount Etna

Mount Etna is extremely active and has the longest record of continuous eruption,according to LiveScience.

Follow the volcano's most recent history of eruptions by clicking here.

Big image
Taken December 4.