Top four systems effective

To build efficient employees

Top four systems those are effective to build efficient employees

Normally 90% of people are now employees in several companies. Though we may think to go through a good interview is a way to getting skillful employees but that is not true at every where. While an employee getting the job that means they have enlisted their name into the company’s list. At preliminary process companies are simply judged the skills of a candidate and after selecting it, they have enhanced the skills of that employee to make them efficient. There are several processes to be follows to enrich the skills and efficiency of the employees such as E-learning, formazione (training), comunicazione interna (Internal communication), formazione on line (online training), and performance management. Though several companies have followed several processes to teach their employees but generally every company are trying to follow these four preliminary steps to enhance the skills of the employee.

E-learning : This is systems that involve in all the electronic topics and the whole process mainly apply by the computer and internet based. Learners or the employees can get the teaching from a specific classroom or out of the classroom. Basically the knowledge of a specific topic and the information regarding companies are the subjects those are being taught in the employees during the E-Learning process. Though sometimes company gives a brief about their products to their employees through this process respectively. The contents of the relevant topics normally provided by that company through the internet, or CD or in a pen drive or through other external storage devices and the employees can get all the relevant data regarding the topics can get by those devices.

Formazione : This is nothing but a training process. Another name of the training process is known as the Formazione. Generally company provides training about the products, systems, norms and the lmplimentaion of that product, Even companies provides some basic information about itself from this process at their own office premises. This is the part of the employee’s job and they will get their remuneration during that period too. Though there is another system is now becoming very popular which is Formazione-on-line.. This also a type to provide training but it should be web-based. So that company can manipulate all the training from the main office and it is being circulated into their all other branches at a time so that they can cover all the area quite a short period of time.

Apart from these two essential process the companies are generally taken care to develop their internal communication system which is named as Comunicazione Interna. It is the process the to develop the strategy between the employees to run a process smoothly. At last but not the least is performance management. That helps employees increase the performance level and helps to earn higher profit margins from the company perspective. Basically the process of performance management is being handled by the HR executives to the employees those are belong to their individual belt.