Honors Figurative Language Project

Dawson Butcher Mrs.Wolfe 6th Block Honors

Independent Reading Book Examples

  • An example of a simile is "...she smiled as if everything was as peachy as warm cobbler." (116). I think that Dan Poblocki used that to show that the character was trying to maintain a happy smile even though she wasn't very happy at that moment
  • "Her grip felt like Death itself had taken hold of him, was toying with him, as the Hunter had been doing for the past few months." (220) that example is showing personification by giving representing death as an actual thing that can touch you.
  • One example of onomatopoeia is "All of a sudden Gabe heard a girl scream 'eeewww!'" (156) that shows how when the girl screemed it made a sound that was then described in the book as if it were a real noise
  • An example of a metaphor is "Meatpie was paralyzed with shock." (83) that shows that someone can't really be paralyzed with shock but instead of comparing Meatpie to paralyzed with shock with "like" or "as" the author just said it as if it were really true.
  • An example of situational irony in my independent reading book is when gabe goes into the burning house expecting to find his sister who had been missing he finds his best friend Seth tied to a burning tractor about to blow up in flames

Figurative language in poems

  • An example of a simile in a poem is "The willow is like an etching" (line 1) of "Willow and Ginko" by Eve Merriam that is stating that the willow looks more like an etching of something than anything else
  • An example of personification in poems is "it's spring and the garden is changing its clothes" (line 1-2 of It's Spring by John Foster) That shows how spring isn't really changing clothes it's just saying that the season is changing from the cold winter to the warm and beautiful springtime.

Example of Figurative Language in Newspring Church (media)

"It's okay to not be okay but it's not okay to stay that way" Perry Noble Pastor of Newspring church in South Carolina that quote in my opinion is a form of symbolism because he is saying that it is okay to not be okay but not okay to stay that way represents that we go through hard times and just because we have a bad past doesn't mean that he will look at you differently he just wants to help you with whatever it is that you are struggling through in your life. I think he chose to use that quote because it shows how he knows that we may have a bad past but when it comes down to him he just looks at the person who you are know and doesn't judge you because of your past.

Figurative language examples in Songs, Articles, and/or advertisements

  • An example of a hyperbole in advertisement is "AT&T- Reach out and touch someone" that is from a commercial advertising a new phone plan from AT&T this shows how when you get a new phone plan from AT&T you will be able to reach more people and maybe even meet them
  • "The toast jumped out of the toaster" is an example of personification from www.yourdictionary.com that shows the toast was so hot that it came out of the toaster really fast
  • "I've told you a million times to clean your room!" that is an example of hyperbole from my mom which means she has told me a bunch of times to clean my room because it is a messy room
  • "That's a pretty ugly squirrel" that is what my cousin said whenever I showed her a picture of a dead squirrel on the internet
  • An example of alliteration in a tv show is "' Hey Tyler go tell Peter Piper to pick a pot of pickled peppers. Ha ha good one Ellen'" that is from Dog with a Blog and was probably used to show a joke about what Tyler was doing at school that episode
  • An example of alliteration in notes that I took in Mrs.Wolfe's honors ELA class is "Seventeen Slain in Seattle Massacre" That is used to show that seventeen people were slain in a Seattle massacre.
  • An example of alliteration in advertisement is "Chuckee Cheese's" that is used to show how the arcade is named that so it will attract more customers to it so they can make more money
  • An example of a simile in a song is from "The Grinch" from the movie the Grinch who stole Christmas "You're as cuddly as a cactus" that shows how the Grinch's fur is so stiff it feels like you're hugging a cactus