Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone inventor...


March 3,1847, in Edinburgh. He died on August 2,1922 because of pernicious anemia.

Interesting facts about his early life.

  • He got his middle name on his 10th birthday as his father's birthday present.
  • He did his first invention at the age of twelve.
  • He loved art and science as a kid.

Interesting facts about his family.

  • His dad was a professor.
  • His mother was deaf.
  • His family all died around the year 1990.

Adult life facts

  • He was 21 when he moved to Canada with his family.
  • He improved the telephone and 15000 people bought it.
  • Because of his mother he was inspired because she was deaf.
  • His first words on the telephone were ''Watson come over here, I want to see you.''
  • He liked doing experiments and research when he built the telephone.

Why I think this invention is important.

If we didn't have this invention/telephone we couldn't talk to people from far away places easily.

By Adrian and Nestor.

Why he made it.

He loved sound and electricity and knew he would get famous if he built something that can transfer sound through a distance.