Hello I'm Carlie Wave Rath

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Personal Biography

Hello I was Born in Florida Pensacola for 15 years now its been three years in texas I like Florida better the water is my home but what I want to do for my life is to create video games when im done with school. I should start from the Begining when I was living with my father. I was seven when I met his girlfriend at first she was nice but I was wrong she was mean she wanted me to call her mom but i know my mom was in texas. My parents are divorce when I was four so I stayed with my dad because at the time my mom was dieing ( she is okey now ) well my dads girlfriend hated my mom and I don't know why she hated her. That lady was with me for 9 years because I stood up for myself and told her to leave or else. She tryed to hurt me but I hit first to show that I was not playing around when I told her to leave. After she left my dad got another girlfriend and her name is Linda and she is awesome she is still with my dad and I was 14 and 15 before I started to live with my mom. I was 16 years old and I started high school in texas I passed my second year of 9 grade and I made some friends. In my third year in high school I was 17 in 10th grade for half a year then I moved into 11th grade but failed 11th grade so now i'm in Reach high school in 11th grade and im 18 years old and have a goal to become a game designer. I will work my best in school and I need 5.5 more credits in school and i'll be done with high school.