Rhetorical Analysis assessment

4a summative project


Speaker: government and political people

Occasion: 9-11

Audience : American people

Purpose: to tell them about our freedom

Subject: protecting our freedom

Thesis Statement

The political people in the video are is effective in convincing the American people to protect their freedom with their rights.


Ethos: The speaker/author/narrator attempts to establish credibility, trust and/or authority.

  • veronica toensing former deputy assistant terrorism unit dept. of justice. this is effective because she knows what she is saying about terrorism attacks in America.

Pathos: The speaker/author/narrator targets the emotions of the audience (stories, use fear, anger, empathy).

  • in the video the show images of the 9-11 attack, to make the audience feel the lost of those American people. this is effective because the audience feels the fear for another terrorism attack

Logos: The speaker/author/narrator appeals to the logic or common sense of the audience (logic, stats, studies).

  • our country is safe today. we haven't had another terrorism attack since 9-1. this is effective because its true and shows how we protect our freedom


I feel that since 9-11 our country has made a big effort to protect our freedom form another terrorism attack. we have to try to protect the freedom of our families also while protecting from terrorism. how can we stop the enemy and not become our own enemies.