Literacy Strategy #33

Instructional Focus



*Content Area

*Grades 3-8th

*English Learners

What is a Quickwrite?

A writing that students use to explore a topic or give a response to a specific question that was asked. The students usually have 5-10 minutes to let their thoughts flow without stopping for corrections.
Literacy Strategies: The Quick Write

Common Core Standards

*Students integrate information presented in different media and formats to understand a topic.

*Students summarize relevant information.

*Students apply grade-appropriate academic vocabulary.

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pg. 101-50 Literacy Strategies

Why use this Strategy?

1. Gives students an opportunity to put their thoughts to the page.

2. Allows students to focus more on content than mechanics of writing.

3. Scaffolding-makes writing personal for English learners, can include quickdraws

4. Makes writing fun!!!

How to use this strategy in your classroom?

1. Choose a topic

2. Write about the topic

3. Read quicwrites

4.Share chosen quickwrites (usually at their groups)

5. Write a second time

Ways I would recommend using quickwrites!!

1. When students get back from the weekend, give them 5-10 minutes to write about what they did or one thing they enjoyed this weekend.

2. Allow kids to make predictions of what they think may happen next in the book we are reading.

3. Give students a question about a specific topic being covered in the next unit and let them explore with it. This allows you to see what they know, what needs to be reinforced and what is completely new to them.