Robert Lee Frost

March 26,1874 - January 29,1963

What was Robert Frost Known for?

Robert was known for being a great poet because even though the struggles and the deaths of his children he had been through, he didn't let that stop him from doing poetry. He put feeling in his poems because he had gone through a lot.

How many poems did he write in total?

Robert Frost wrote an estimated amount of 105 poems. They are not sure if those are all of them but thats just an estimation.

Where did Robert Frost live?

As a child Robert was born in California but when his dad died he and his mother had to move to Lawrence, Massachusetts. Robert died in Boston so during most of his life time he lived in the Massachusetts area.

Where did he work?

When Robert was young he worked by helping his mother teach a couple of boys and also delivering newspapers. Later when he was an adult his only job was being a poet.

How did he influence poetry?

Because he has written many books and has also received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Kennedy.