The Beautiful Side of Life the midst of quarantine - Part III

Cassi's Thought for the Day

Isn't funny how when we are in school, we are thinking "this is so stressful ... I wish I had a day off." And then when we are home, we are thinking "I wish I was in school " Maybe it's just human nature to feel like the grass is always greener on the other side. To constantly notice what we are lacking. To always wish we were at the next spot in life.

I have a very all-or-nothing personality and spent a lot of years always wishing for the next thing ahead ... and part of that is great. We need to dream and put forth plans for the future. But, a lot of times I found myself neglecting to notice the process I was in and wishing I could just get to the end result.

But the majority of our lives are spent in process. Wouldn't it be great to embrace the process today - maybe it's hard, maybe it's disappointing, or maybe it's the greatest season of your life. Wherever you might be in your own journey, let's find joy in the middle of our process today!

What are you Thinking?

We've got planks, yes we do, we've got planks ... how about you?!

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Fitness Challenge

How are we doing, guys? Have you been faithfully doing your challenge each day? Keep going! Have you forgotten a day or two already? Keep going! Did you fall off the wagon completely? Or fail to start? It's never too late ... hop on the fitness train and join us! If we can do this, you can do this. Trust me.

Need an accountability partner?

Join me M-F at 10am and 3pm. Does this mean we are signing onto Google Meets, doing the daily plank/push-up challenge, and then signing off...and that's it? YEP! Let's do this together!

Find a copy of our fitness challenge here:

Need a Little Good News in Your Day?

A family colors every brick of their house with colored chalk to cheer up their neighbors, optimistic Covid-19 updates, communities coming together in creative ways ... for these and more, check out your daily dose of good news here:

Need Some Future Ideas?!

Have you ever wondered how your personality lines up with a future career? Ever wanted to explore different career options? This site offers numerous games, activities, and personality tests that help you see what careers would match best with your personality, strengths, and abilities. Click on your grade level at the top of the page, then have fun using all of the resources!

Discover anything new?

Did you discover anything new about yourself from the resources on Tell me what you learned!

A Little Humor for your Day

Hey, if we need to maintain proper social distancing rules, we might as well get creative about it, right?

How to Pass the Salt While Maintaining Proper Social Distance
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