Child Center News

APRIL 5, 2016


If your grandparents are not able to attend the Grandparents’ Day on Thursday, April 28th, we invite you to bring with you a picture of your grandparents. At circle time you could introduce them via the picture, telling their names, the names you call them and where they live.

We will have a typically scheduled day with grandparents joining in the circle time, being introduced, then working with their grandchildren, having snack, if they wish, and then going outside to play. Adult chairs will be available throughout the room.

We look forward to this time together for grandparents, great grandparents, and grandchildren sharing a day at the Child Center.

Maple Knoll Annual Fund

We've kicked off the 2016 Maple Knoll Communities Annual Fund Campaign. . THANK YOU to those who already contributed! To date we have raised $3650 towards our goal of $5100.

The Child Center is one among other Giving Circles comprised of Maple Knoll residents, Maple Knoll Communities Board members, Maple Knoll Communities employees, and residents living in the communities which Maple Knoll Communities serves (e.g. Wyoming, Glendale, Springdale, etc.), all of which are working hard toward a campaign goal needed to support the services and programs of Maple Knoll Communities.

Maple Knoll Communities does not ask any resident to leave if their funds would become depleted. Over one million dollars is needed annually to support those residents who have outlived their funds.
Each Giving Circle has a goal that they are to meet in response to the need of the not-for-profit organization for donations. To make a donation online please click here.

'Extended School Year'

The last day of of the school year is just around the corner (May 27th) and we need to plan staffing levels. We plan on offering an extended school May 30, through June 3 . We will continue to offer before and after care. The good news is the tuition will be discounted for this time period. so please express your interest by filling out the survey.
Thank you!


The end of the school year is just around the corner and it it packed full of activities! Here are a few you might want to mark on your calendars.

April 28TH - Grandparent's Day

May 5, 12, 19 - Officer Marsha Hoctor will talk to the children about the DARE program a 9:15am.

May 27th - Our Annual Community Celebration/Graduation at 10:30am (stay tuned for more information!)


The children have been enjoying preparing the soil, watering the plants and flowers which have bloomed from the bulbs they planted and the perennials plants they planted last year.

As we have done for the past few years, so again this year we are going to be planting a Child Center family garden in the Children’s Garden.

We would ask that each family send in a perennial plant (or annuals) that your child will plant during the last week in April and beginning of May in our family garden plots. Please send it in by April 25th or the week of May 2nd. Thank you.

Please put your name on the plant(s) so that your child can be the one to plant them. The plants or flowers could be could be a half flat of annuals or a perennial plant. In choosing a plant, please know that the perennial garden plot receives direct sun through most of the day. Thank you.