1040 EZ

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Follow these instructions for the first part of the tax return.

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in this part of the 1040EZ, fill out your information in the corresponding lines. It's your basic information, social security number, and where you live.
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  1. Using your W-2 form which you can get from your employer, place the "Wages, salaries, and tips" in this line.
  2. Also found in the W-2 form.
  3. Write zero, unless you receive unemployment compensation or funds from Alaska, there are some special instructions given in the IRS packet.
  4. Using lines 1, 2, 3, at those numbers together to get your adjusted gross income.
  5. Now flip pages, with this part you will need to use the worksheet for line 5, to get the amount of money you need. Then, go back to the front page and place the overall number from the worksheet.
  6. Subtract the line 5 from line 4. Then carefully pay attention, line 5 is larger than 4 place 0 on the line.

No unemployment, no earned income credit, and he is also single. He also does not want to donate $3 for the presidential campaign.

This is the worksheet you use for line 5 on the front page.

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Again using your W-2 form, for line 7 write your federal income tax. Depending on your situation you may need to write your EIC, however, for this particular case it is not required. Then for line 8b write zero as well if it does not apply to you. Add lines 7 and 8 to find your total payments and credits. For line 10, Using a tax table find the taxable income closest to your taxable income. Then for line 11, check the full year coverage and claim zero on the line. Add lines 10 and 11 to get the total tax amount. For 13a, if line 9 is larger than 12, subtract line 12 from line 9.
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This is important you need to write your banking account information so you can your refund. If you owe money the overall summed total will tell you how much to pay. If you also used a provider such as H&R block, you may need your accountant to write their information to verify to the IRS that the information you provided is true. Sign and verify, and you're all set! It's very easy to fill out the 1040 EZ, just follow the instructions and if certain restrictions apply to your look at the freefile app from the IRS to find out.
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