This is guyanas flag

The flag is made up of multiple symbols.The green is for a field of grass.The red,black,white,and yellow is for an arrow.

Major cities

Some major cities are lindan,new Amsterdam ,Anna region,and George Town.

Guyanas independence ,language ,currency ,economic system,goverment,leader ,and physical features

Guyana was controlled by Guiana.But it gained its independence in 1992.The official languages are French and English.The physical features are forest,grassland,rivers,and highlands.The currency is Guyanese dollars.The economic system is capitalism.The leader is David granger.finally The goverment type is rupublic.

Why souls you visit and what should you see.

People should come because Guyana has parks,stores/markets,and great places to eat.finaly if you come you should eat Guyanas variate of foods like rice,roti,curry,and beans.