Kennedy Catholic Counseling News

February 11, 2016


Feb 22: Last day for juniors to select courses for 2016-17 classes
Feb 28: Last day for sophomores to select courses for 2016-17 classes
March 5: Registration for incoming 9th Grade Students
March 5: SAT
March 7: Last day for freshman to select courses for 2016-17 classes
April 9: ACT
April 10: Kennedy Catholic SAT Prep Class begins
May 4: AP Literature and Composition Exam
May 5: AP Calculus AB Exam
May 6: AP US History Exam
May 7: SAT
May 12: AP Statistics Exam
June 3: Graduation
June 4: SAT
June 11: ACT


Nancy Montstream
  • grades 9-12, last names A-E
Michelle Markle
  • grades 9-12, last names F-L
Rebecca Katowitz
  • grades 9-12, last names M-R

Kathryn Hutter

  • grades 9-12, last names, S-Z
Lisa Jandusay
  • Administrative Assistant


The regular registration deadline for the May 7 SAT is April 8. The regular registration deadline for the April 9 ACT is March 4.

SAT and ACT Preparation

Kennedy Catholic High School Resources List for SAT/ACT Prep – Updated Feb 2016

We do not endorse any one particular program; this is an informative resource of available options.

College Board Resources

1. Free Practice Questions (Re-designed SAT materials start March 2016)

2. SAT Tutorials from Khan Academy

Kennedy Catholic High School SAT Prep Options

3. Kennedy Catholic hosts a 4-week spring SAT prep class with current English and Math faculty to guide students through practice questions and strategies. See your school counselor for details.

ACT Resources

4. Study materials produced from the creator of the ACT

Princeton Review Services

5. Options include free practice SAT/ACT sittings at local high schools, paid online self-paced programs, group tutoring, and individual tutoring. Prices vary based on services.


6. Free online self-paced coaching and programming for SAT and ACT. Students can also upgrade to 1:1 coaching and tutoring services online.


7. Online testing guide (SAT, ACT, AP) with practice tests, review questions and strategies

Mazor Test Prep Company


Local company with small class sizes and sessions leading up to each testing date ($595 per course)

Sandweiss Test Prep

Local company providing multi-week test preparation courses ($725 for full course)

Course Selection 2016-17

Online Course selection through Skyward Student Access will occur during the time frame listed below. Students must select their courses by the last date indicated for each grade level. All students were given or will be given the instructions during their English classes.

Juniors (incoming Seniors): Feb 16-22
Sophomores (incoming Juniors): Feb 22-29
Freshman (incoming Sophomores); Feb 29-Mar 7

Senior Reminders

  • Mid-Year Transcripts are currently being sent out to colleges
  • Submit copies of college acceptances and scholarships to your counselor
  • Continue applying for scholarships

Junior Reminders

  • Junior year is a great time to begin your college search and visit schools
  • Do college search within Naviance
  • Prepare to take either SAT or ACT
  • Keep a strong GPA
  • Set up a college meeting with your counselor beginning in March

10th Grade Parent Information Night

10th Grade Parent Night was held Wednesday, 2/3 in the library. Topics included information on the PSAT and your child's results, the new course registration process, academic planning for both junior and senior years and college/career planning and preparation.

Counselors in the Classroom

10th Grade Health: Rebecca Katowitz and Nancy Montstream recently taught a 2 day lesson in all of the 10th Grade Health classes on Stress Management and Suicide Prevention.
10th Grade Biology: The counselors taught a lesson on careers through the Naviance Program. The students completed the Strengths Explorer and the MI Advantage. Through these surveys they were able to explore possible careers and education needed.
9th-11th grade English Classes: The counselors are in the process of meeting with all 9th -11th grade students regarding PSAT results and Course Registration for 2016-17.

Career Update

In recent weeks, all students were asked to complete an online survey to assess their current career interests and gather student feedback on potential internship or job shadowing programs. This research is in response to the school’s strategic plan and accreditation goal to ensure we are offering students a variety of opportunities and exposure to future career paths. Once the career team reviews the data more thoroughly, steps can be taken to connect students with alumni, parents, and other community members in their field of interest and develop innovative ways to further pursue career interests.