1900 Galveston Hurricane⚡

By//Annett & Jasmin😜

Event descrpition🌁

More than 6,000-8,000 men, women, & children lost their lives during the storm. It was a 15-foot surge flooded the city, less than 9 feet above sea level. Thirty-six hundred buildings were destroyed, & damaged estimates exceeded $20 million. On September 8,1900 , how ever the great Galveston hurricane roared ashore, devastating the island with 130-140 mph winds & a storm surge in excess of 15 feet.

Ecological Impact🌿

It had bad damage to the community.The majority of the structures on the island were destroyed completely. The surge knocked buildings down off their foundations, & the surf pounded them to pieces. The trees were everywhere on the ground.This allowed soil to move very easily.The cars were flipped over It affected the community because it was hard for the people to move around to find supplies for their needs.The highest wind speed was 100 mi/h. The hurricane had brought a storm surge of over 15ft, which washed over the entire isalnd

Restoration Efforts🌳🌾

After the hurricane a large seawall was eventually built to protect Galveston from flooding again so if it hit again it wouldn't go over the sea wall. Residents of the Galveston quickly decided that they would rebuild, that the city would survive, & almost as soon, leaders began deciding how it would do so. The feet of raising an entire city began with three engineers hired by the city in 1901 to design a means of keeping the gulf in its place. The solution was to dredge the sand from Galveston's ship channel & pump it as liquid slurry through pipes into quarter-square mile sections of the city that were walled off with dikes.