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Handwritten Diagram

Parallelogram Example

1. Equal the opposite equations of the parallelogram.

2. Figure out one half of the problem where it would show y=mx+b so you can plug the equation into the other half of the problem.

3. Once you figure out the second half of the problem then plug the answer into the y=mx+b.

4. Now you will have the answer to Y and X.

Properties of Parallelograms

Parallelogram: a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel.

In a quadrilateral, opposite sides do not share a vertex and opposite angles do not share a side.

Angles that share a side are consecutive angles.


Trapezoid and Isosceles Trapezoid

Isosceles Trapezoid and Trapezoid Examples

1. Equal opposite sides of the trapezoid.

2. Figure out one part of the equation and stop once you get to Y=MX+B.

3. Once you get Y=MX+B, then plug that into Y on the other part of the equation.

4. Work that problem out until you get what X equals.

5. Once you get what X equals, plug X into the original Y=MX+B equation and work it out.

6. Now you should have what X and Y equals.


a quadrilateral with two pairs of consecutive sides congruent and no opposite sides congruent

Kite Example

1. Figure out what number 1 is, it is usually a right angle which is 90 degrees.

2. The write a equation to figure out the m<2.

3. When you figure out the m<2 then you will find m<3 because they are the same angle

Polygon Song Video


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