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January 18, 2022


Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, Jan 19 (day 4): Enjoy the day!

Thursday Jan 20 (day 5): PTA event RESCHEDULED

Friday Jan 21 (day 1): Enjoy the day!

Monday Jan 24 (day 2)Enjoy the day!

Tuesday Jan 25 (day 3) SHIELD testing

5th Grade Candor Health Presentations

St Germaine's Parking Lot

Every year I get a call or two from St Germaine (across the street from Hannum) with complaints about people speeding in and out of the parking lot. This occurs at the beginning of the day and then end of the day.

They have always been incredibly generous with their private parking lot in allowing our parents to park there. They are a private lot and can ban us if they choose. We would like to continue the good relationship we have with them and follow the safety rules in place.

Please be careful as you are pulling in and out of their lot. There are many children and senior citizens who are not always able to move quickly. It is our job to watch out for them and to be kind. Myself or Mr Ready, the Principal of St Germaine School may be out there to watch the traffic. If you are asked to move or to slow down, please do so respectfully. Thank you for your cooperation.

5 Essentials Survey

Students and teachers across Illinois now have the opportunity to participate in the ninth annual statewide Illinois 5Essentials Survey. This survey is designed to generate a detailed picture of the inner workings of Hannum School. As a parent, this opportunity will allow you to share your thoughts on the important elements of school effectiveness.

Additionally, your 4th-8th grade student will be asked about their experiences in school to help give school leaders critical student input and help develop future school improvement plans. If you would like to view the student survey questions or opt-out your student please complete the form found at: d123.org/five. You and your student's identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. To get started with the survey head to d123.org/five.

Breakfast Change for 2022

After Winter Break, Hannum breakfast will once again be served in the morning, before the bell. We will NOT be sending them home at the end of the day. Children can come to school starting at 8:10 to eat breakfast. Breakfast ends at 8:25. Students should come to the front doors of the school if they want to eat breakfast. This meal will continue to be free for everyone that comes to breakfast.

CoVid News

Our numbers are up so much since the beginning of the year. This leads to anxiety for everyone. The numbers should begin to go down as we are further from Winter Break. The SHIELD testing is catching asymptomatic students, so even though they are counted in our numbers, parents are very surprised when we call and let them know that their child has tested positive!

If your child has been FULLY VACCINATED (meaning its been at least 2 weeks after the second dose of the vaccine) please let us know and your child will not have to quarantine. If you are willing to let us know ahead of time, please call Mrs Malloy or upload your child's vaccination record on to Skyward. You can call the office if you need help with this.

The quarantining guidance has changed to 5 days for positive students. Parents should understand however that a child returning after 5 days will need to have a separate lunch from the other students for 5 more days because they have to be 6 feet apart when they don't have their mask on...which is only during lunch. If you choose, you can keep them home for 10 days and then the students go right back into the regular lunchroom.

When students are quarantined, they will be given work for someone to pick up in the foyer of school. Students will get in invitation to a Homework Help Google Classroom to log on between 3:30 and 4:30 to get assistance from a Hannum staff member for work that they are struggling with. They just need to log on during that time and someone will be available to help them while they are quarantining.

SHIELD Illinois

FYI.... We have a new testing day. Hannum will now test on Tuesdays. We get results anywhere from early the next morning until Thursday. We will always try to call you with a positive test as soon as we know. If we get results early in the morning, we will attempt to contact you before school begins.

The SHIELD Illinois program is a quick, simple, and non-invasive COVID-19 screening test. Students that have opted-in to the program will provide a small amount of saliva that is tested at a professional lab. Results of the test are then provided to families and our school district within the days following. The program offers students the opportunity to reduce or waive quarantine requirements in the event of close contact with a positive case or if the student demonstrates symptoms. You can opt-in to the program at any time by accessing Online Forms in Skyward Family Access. More information about the SHIELD Illinois program can be found at: d123.org/shield-illinois-testing-program

It now looks like depending on when you signed your child up, they may not be able to test until the following week.

SHIELD Parent Portal

Follow these directions so you can get your child's results when they are ready.

Hannum Traffic Map

Please note the drop off locations and where you are allowed to park and get out of your car.

Parent University Rescheduled

What parents should know about the CoVid Vaccine for kids.

News from your Hannum PTA

Join the PTA for just $5. As a reminder, you must be a paid PTA member to volunteer for classroom parties.

Update: The father/son event originally scheduled for January 20th has been postponed. Rescheduled information will be sent out soon.

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