U.S. West Region


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There are 61,500,000 people.


It is cold most of the year. Hawaii is warm because it is close to the equator. Amount of rain every year is 500 inches.

Plants and Animals

Some of the animals are moose,buffalos,bisons,elks,and grizzly bears. Some of the plants are american goldfinch,cactus wren,mountain bluebird,forget me knots,and California poppies.
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Alaska range,Cascade range,Sierra Nevada Range, and the coastal ranges.
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States in this region

Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado

Natual Resources

Gold, silver, copper, iron, oil, and trees


korea town,Los Angeles,California in the 1970's, a large number of people immigrated to the U.S. from korea and settled in Los Angeles.

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some of the landmarks are

Hawaii- Mauna Kea

California- San Andreas Fault

Alaska- Malaspina

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Place I'd Like To Visit

Some of the places we'd like to visit are Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming,and Seattle.
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Interesting Facts

One of the Interesting fact is Hawaii is also the wettest place in the West.

Water of the West

Some of the waters in the West are Pacific Ocean and Columbia river.
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Fishing up and down the coast.Soil and growing fruits amd vegetables.Lumber and woodland. Idaho potatoes and salt from Salt Lake City and steel.

Landforms of the West

Some of the landforms in the west are rocky mountains,hills,valleys,lakes,ocean,volcanos,and colarado and columbia river.
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