There Will Be Lies

Independent Reading Project By: Hunter Clark

I wanna go home By: Sandy Cheeks

I chose the song I wanna go home because. The girl in the story has been on the run from the police with her mom and she keeps saying that she wants to go home. The song relates because in the song it says that she wants to go back to her hometown.

Stone Cold Dead By: Ella Fitzgerald

I chose the song Stone cold dead in the market because it is about a husband and wife that do not get along very well and have a abusive relationship and one day the husband came home and started hitting her and the wife killed him with a rolling pin. This song relates to the book because the husband was fighting the wife and she threw a T.V. at him and killed him.

Father of mine By: Everclear

The song Father of mine represents this book because the father in the story was abusive to the mom and daughter. In the song it says "Father of mine tell me where have you been"... That relates to the story because the daughter has wanted to know where her dad was all of her life.

Don't stop Believing By: Journey

The song "Don't stop believing" represents this book because the main character is going through a lot of tough times.although there are tough times she keeps telling herself not to give up and keep believing.

Crazy Dreams By: Paul Brady

The song " Crazy Dreams" represents the book because because the main character has crazy dreams and hallucinations about her father being alive and about a boy that she thinks hit her with a car. The character tells her mom about the things that he is dreaming but she says its all fake but the boy really did hit her with the car.

Get outta Denver By: Bob Segar

I chose the song "get outta Denver " because in the song Bob Segar talks about running from the police and trying to get out of Denver, CO. It relates to the book because the mom and the daughter are trying to leave Arizona because the cops found that the mom killed the father and the mom doesn't want to lose her daughter so she is running from the police.