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Developer – Nolan Amy

Age – 8 years +

Subject – All

Other – Apps for Teachers

Score – 86/100

Price – Free

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App Review

Plickers is a great way for teachers to quickly assess their students’ understanding of a topic. Unlike most student response systems it does not require the pupils to have an electronic device. Instead, each student is given a card, known as a paper clicker, and the teacher uses their tablet or phone to scan these in the same way you would do with a QR code.

This is an extremely efficient process. It does not require the teacher to even be close to the cards, meaning that they can stand at the front and pan across the room with their device. As they do so the results are instantly collated by the app. Students will have chosen their answer by changing the orientation of their card. Very clever indeed!

Teacher can use Plickers for impromptu polls and it allows them to immediately determine whether or not students are understanding the topic being covered. All of the data collected is automatically saved at although you do have to sign up for a free account for this to work.

The paper clickers can be downloaded from the Plickers website


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My Take on Plickers - Automatic Student Feedback with One Device

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