How The World Revolves Around Us

we are all socially connected - Hyemi Heo

What I think it means to be "Media Literate"

Media Literacy is the capability to access and gather information of all kinds. We are able to understand and analyze a broader concept of a topic. This type of literacy can be known as a new approach to education for the 21st century, the reason why is because we can control and evaluate our own ideas rather than flipping through a textbook which contains limited resources. Instead of gathering facts, it is more about researching and assessing ideas and how our society comes together to build one big community filled with different viewpoints and perspectives.

Media Literacy holds many benefits, such as allowing us to be creative and share our own media messages, evaluate and research more in depth about a message and to identify what the message is trying to portray. Just by having the freedom to shape and create our own media, it allows us to develop stronger critical thinking skills. Media Literacy represents the communication with a wider knowledge of literacy that is surrounded by us.

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

Superbowl 2014 Commercial (Coca-Cola)

Coca-Cola in the commercial, “Coca-Cola Big Game Commercial” (2014), portrays that it does not matter what background one may come from because country’s diversity is what makes America. Coca-Cola supports their claims by showcasing a mixture of eight different cultural languages singing the song, “America is Beautiful” altogether. The Coca-Cola’s purpose is to “provide a snapshot of real lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races, and families, all found in the United States” (Coca-Cola) in order to prove that America is made from the different diverse of people. The Coca-Cola depicts the commercial in an affectionate tone to the entire American community, which is a combination of all races from different countries that makes America beautiful.


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Satirical News Article

Four High School Students Found Dead From Caking Themselves With Make-Up.

Hyemi Heo

Mon Mar 24, 2014

ATLANTA – Four 19-year-olds from some high school, soon to graduate, were found dead from caking their faces with make-up while preparing to go to a club.

March 21, on Friday afternoon, one of the female student’s mothers opened the bathroom door and saw the four girls dead while holding make-up brushes in one hand and foundation on the other. The mother in shock, she immediately called the emergency room but it was too late.

“Nowadays, kids are so obsessed with trying to look like flawless models on magazine covers. They conceal and stack their faces with make-up to the point where their skin cannot breathe. Make-up affects their reproductive organs in direct contact,” a cosmetology, named Ashley Thompson said.

“The photos we take on scenes are never accurate, it is always photoshoped by the computer. A person can never look like that the photos in magazines” states a magazine editor from Vogue.

Personal Reflection on 1984

I believe that Winston's love for Julia was not sincere enough. The fact that he gave up on Julia, and exclaimed to put the rats on her face already portrays Winston's strong relinquish and betrayal. However, Winston seems more pressured and afraid by the government rather than the rats that were soon to be on his face. The process of Winton giving up on Julia was all self-preservation. Winston was brainwashed and lost all his pride and dedicated his life towards Big Brother.

I was honestly disappointed by this ending. I really expected Winston to be "different" from the other citizens. I thought he would be loyal and l stand up for what he believes in. I am starting to think that he was already brain washed even before meeting Julia. I personally think the novel should have characterized Winston fighting over Julia' however, the main message of this novel is that it portrays how greatly evil and powerful Big Brother is and how much control he has over the citizens.

Reflection on what I have learned this past semester

Media Literacy is a class that is very different from all of the other literature classes that I have taken in the past. I've learned that computer isn't just a simple technology, it holds strong power. There are so many articles, data, personal information that one can merely access. From taking this case, I started to be more careful about what I post online. This includes posting pictures, comments, and even creating new accounts for websites. I’ve learned to restrict myself with my smartphone and technology and spend more quality time doing something otherwise. This class closely helped me with my journalism class due to the fact that we read many articles and learned how to cite properly. Additionally, I have received a lot of help by discussions we’ve shared after reading chapters of 1984. Sharing answers and doing small projects allowed me to elaborate better which helped me improve my grades.

I truly enjoyed this class because there was no paper work that I had to keep in track of. Since we mostly used the computer, I was able to access my work easily and I didn't have to worry about losing any of it. If there is one thing that could be done differently in the near future is to create more physical/group projects. I tend to be able to express my creativity better when I do hand-made works. Due to the fact that so many classwork and projects were done through the media, there was too much computer interaction; however, it is something new that I was able to experience. Also, I believe group projects would have been able to help me know my classmates more. Everyone was so busy and caught up with their own work that I realized I don't even know my classmates' names and it's been a whole nine weeks; but, It makes me glad that I am ending my senior year with a fantastic literature class.