March 6th ArtBeat!

Mar. 6 - Mar. 10, 2023. Updates from the Academic Arts team


A Look Ahead: Kindergarten and First wil explore non-locomotor movements and starting their ballet unit. Students will learn the positions of their feet and arms as well as a varity of ballet vocabulary. Second grade will perform their end of unit dance created by the class in small groups. Third through Fifth graders will present costumes they created to the class and the reasoning behin them.

Highlights from Last Week: Ask your students about the dance performance from Monday! We were luckly enough to get a performance sponsored by the North Charleston Cultural Arts Department. Wona Womalan is an African drumming and dance group based out of North Charleston. They performed for the whole school while getting the students and teachers to get on stage.

Reminders: Please remember if your child has dance to wear clothing that are great for moving while still keeping in mind the NCCAE dress code. As well as shoes that can easily come on and off.

Keep up the great work! Mrs. Majewski


Welcome to Drama Class Third Quarter with Ms. Gordon at NCCAE!

Students have been playing get-to-know-you games with Ms. Gordon, learning all about each other and how they can work together as a class to be successful!

Reminders: We SOAR in the drama room: Safe, Organized, Always Respectful, Responsible.

General Music

A Look Ahead: The Classical Era, Musical Patterns, and Loud vs. Soft

  • 4th Grade will travel back in time to the Classical Era of music! This week they will learn all about famous composers from the time period like Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn! Students will also get to work on their active listening skills through daily journal entries on different musical pieces!
  • 2nd Grade & 1st Grade will discover the beauty of musical patterns through composition exercises, reading activities, and playing different instruments!
  • Kindergarten will learn the differences between loud and soft through listening assignments, movement activities, and games!

Reminders: Continue to encourage students to work towards classroom goals and rewards.

Visual Art

A Look Ahead: contour drawing, art contest, composition

Highlights from Last Week: papier-mache, printmaking, torn paper self-portraits

Reminders: Students in any grade level who might consider applying to School of the Arts for middle school should be saving artwork as it comes home. Students will need to show samples of work they have completed.

Physical Education

A Look Ahead: Students in grades K-5 students will be playing team games called Sink the Ship. Students are working on throwing or rolling a ball with accuracy. Students are also learning teamwork and cooperation.

Highlights from Last Week: Students in PE last week Jumped Rope for exercise. Students had goal numbers they were trying to achieve and also see how far above their goal they can go.

Reminders: Students should wear sneakers on the day they have PE class.