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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

February 12, 2016

Classroom Calendar

Please click on the link button to view our classroom calendar for important events.

Valentine's Party Thank You

A big heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Wheeler and our families for supporting a wonderful Valentine´s Party. We LOVED our party! A great time was had by all.

Playground Enhancement- On The Border Fundraiser Feb. 24

All day Wednesday, February 24th if you visit the On the Border by Great Lakes Crossing 20% of your purchase will be put towards our playground! All you need to do is present the flyer that was sent home in Friday Folders last week. Hope to see you there! :)

SPE School Fair - Classroom Basket Donations

The school fair is March 12th and we need YOUR help. Please click on the link below to see how you can donate to our classroom basket.

Social Studies - PLEASE HELP...Donations Needed

Unit 2 - Economy of Michigan

Thank you for supporting our Young Entrepreneurs. They were so excited to share their products at our Dolphin Pod Place Business Expo. The results are in from the voting and the following entrepreneurs will have their products go into production late next week:

  • Devon- Amazing Snow Globe
  • Brooklyn- Paper Bag Book Cover

Donations are needed for our production process. We would appreciate if you could send any of the following items to school. Thanks much!!!

Snow Globe donations needed:

  • recycled glass jars with lids
  • re-purposed small plastic toys that could fit in a jar (like Happy Meal toys)
  • glitter any color

Paper Bag Book Cover donations needed:

  • recycled brown paper grocery bags
  • spiral notebooks- any size or composition notebooks

Economy Home Learning Conversation:

  • Ask your Expert Entrepreneur to go through the family recycling bin to find recycled glass jars with lids and recycled brown paper grocery bags to donate for our product production.

Yearbook Orders due March 4

Smile...the SPE Yearbook order forms are due by March 4th. The cost for a yearbook is $12 cash or check addressed to Kaiser Studio. If you have lost the order form, just send in cash or check to school with your child and I'll make sure to include the order with our classroom.

Please note...SPE participates in a school-wide yearbook signing at the end of the year. It's always nice when students have a yearbook to participate in the signing. Students who do not have a yearbook can gather signatures on a sheet of paper.

Leader of the Week - Gauge

Our next Leader of the Week and class President is Gauge.

Thank you Josie for your leadership this past week and continue to lead on this week as our class Vice-President!

Reading- Book Clubs

Unit 4 Mixed Genre Series Clubs Book clubs have finished or are in the process of finishing their final book in the series. This week we have focused on how different characters in a series handle problems, patterns with plot in a series and the theme of the series. Next week clubs will be creating a poster to advertise their series and try to attract other readers to want to read it.

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Have a discussion with your reader about the different strategies we have practiced this week and what they have learned about their series as a whole.

Writing- Persuasive Essay

Unit 3 Persuasive Writing: Writers have continued to explore planning topics for our persuasive essay unit. We have looked at a mentor essay about serving pizza for lunch as a way for writers to begin with the end in mind and see what their final essay should look like. Writers have created a top 3-5 list of their favorite brainstormed problems that could be turned into a persuasive sentence. We talked in detail about turning a problem (not enough locker room) into a statement that could persuade others (every student should have two lockers).

Writers are also beginning to brainstorm the 3 reasons why they feel their topic is important. Some writers are noticing that they have certain topics that they feel stronger about than others.

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Ask your writer to share their top 3-5 ideas that they are considering to use for their persuasive essay. Encourage them to elaborate about why they feel so strongly about these specific topics.

Word Study

Word study groups had their test today. We had 10 students that scored 10/10 on both spelling and sort!

Word Study Home Learning Conversation: Have a discussion with your student about how they did on their word study test and ask them how they could improve or maintain their score.

Leader in Me- Respect

Leaders had a discussion about how we could show respect to our school, ourselves and others. Every day we say the dolphin pledge and say those words but we wanted to make sure we truly knew what the word respect means. We brainstormed a list of actions that leaders can do to show respect.

Leader in Me Home Learning Connection: Ask your leader to share what the meaning of respect is. Also have them share some ways that they personally can be proactively showing respect.

Science - Sound

Physical Science - Sound

We began our unit by researching sound. We discovered that sound is created by movement in the form of vibrations referred to as sound waves. We felt these special vibrations by placing our hands on our throats when speaking. We also learned that our ears are specially shaped to funnel in sound waves. Vibrating sound waves enter our ears, vibrate the ear drum and small bones, and then send a special message traveling by nerve pathways that deliver the message to our brain.

We also discovered that high pitched sounds are created by fast vibrations and that low pitched sound is created by slow vibrations. Loud sounds (high volume) are created by big vibrations and soft sounds (low volume) are created by small vibrations.

Next week we will investigating sound phenomena through various hands-on experiences. Stay tuned for more amazing discoveries with our scientists.

Science Home Learning Conversation:

  • Have your scientist demonstrate and describe the following: a high pitch sound, a low pitch sound, loud volume, and soft volume.

Math - Telling Time

Unit - Telling Time

We have been involved in many time experiences in the classroom this week. Evidence of your child's progress with time is in your child's Friday Folder. Please review these activities and continue to make telling time visible in your home with daily conversations about family schedules.

The following link provides numerous online time activities. Encourage your mathematician to play a few of these games over break: time games websites

Continue to have your mathematician practice basic multiplication facts using his/her flashcards or the multiplication.com link below. For those students who have not yet mastered addition and subtraction facts, please continue to practice and grow fact fluency.

Math Home Learning Conversation:

  • Have your mathematician create a daily schedule and engage in conversation around elapsed time.