Identity Theft

Jimi Sattel

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a serious crime and can ruin your credit history, your finances, and your reputation. It is when someone takes your personnel information and uses it as their own. It can take a lot of time, patience, and money to resolve.

What to do

If you stop the thief quickly you can stop them from causing a lot of damage. here are thigs you should do:

- Place an initial fraud alert

- Order your credit report

- Create an identity theft report

Things you shouldn't do

There are things that you shouldn't do that would allow people access to your identity. For example giving out your password to your social media accounts is a bad thing to do. it would allow someone to log in as you and do whatever they want.

Different forms of identity theft

There are several forms of identity theft, they are all bad but some are worse then others.

  • - Credit card fraud
  • - False applications for new credit
  • - Fraudulent withdrawals from a bank account
  • - Fraudulent use of telephone calling cards
  • - Fraudulent use of an IP address in order to engage in illegal acts online
  • - Fraudulent use of medical care
  • - Social security fraud (for tax and employment fraud