Technology Bytes

May Edition

Resource Reservations (Google Calendar)

Remember, when you check out a resource through our Google calendar, you MUST uncheck the All Day feature, EVEN IF you plan to use the resource all day. You must physically put the times in. If you are using the device all day, put in the times 8:00 until 4:00. Instead of placing an ending date for multiple days, use the repeat feature. Just remember to place an ending on the repeat, so your reservation doesn't go on for eternity. We are finding that, if you don't do this, it is possible for someone to create a conflicting reservation. Click on the pictures below to see how to set a multiple day reservation.

New Google Drive User Interface (UI)

Think Central - Go Math!

It looks as if the only student math book available on line now is the ebook. It does have a print option, however, you need to make sure that background graphics is checked before you send it to print. If you don't select background graphics, everything except the pictures will print.

Technology End of the Year Procedures for Staff

With about a month left of this school year, you may want to begin the process of backing up your documents, photos, music, etc. I have placed a page on my website called "end of the year procedures for staff." I have placed links to all of our Backup directions. Make sure you click the more link to see ALL of the links. If I missed anything, please let me know so I can get it added to the list.

Worth the Surf

PDF Mergy

PDF Mergy is an app for Google Chrome that combines multiple PDFs into one document. If you’re gathering PDF files for students and want them all in one single file, PDF Mergy can help.

Technology Spotlight

PowToons (Connect through Google Drive)

Below is an example of a PowToon created by one of our 4th grade teachers in preparation for a student project. You can connect to PowToons through your Google Drive Apps. It is a bit like PowerPoint, but you have easier control over how the text and images enter and exit each of your slides. The presentations are more like animated movies.