Library Handbook

Library Media Center

Welcome to Bowie High School's library! We try to make our resources as convenient and accessible as possible. Please make use of our services and resources! The library is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 3:15. I am usually available for collaboration during your conference period or you can email me at muribe1@aisd.net


  • View our card catalog and access the online digital resources from http://destiny.aisd.net. Click on Bowie. Login using e plus your district employee number (ex. e12345) for username and password to create lists, check out ebooks and see what you have checked out. A list of current database usernames and passwords is available if you login to your AISD Google account.
  • Professional books are located in the library work room. Professional e-books are available by going to http://destiny.aisd.net/ and clicking on District Professional Library. Click on login in the upper right-hand corner and log in with e + employee ID number.
  • Teachers may check out as many books/videos as necessary, for as long as they are needed. Laptop computers, data projectors, ladybugs, document cameras, or digital cameras may be checked out for up to two weeks at a time.


  • You may reserve the library online at http://destiny.aisd.net/,(select Bowie) under Bowie Teachers on the Home tab, or you can call or email the librarian. Please let me know what your students will be working on so that I can have everything ready for you. Teachers should accompany classes to the library to assist and supervise them. Please remind students that food and drinks are not allowed in the library and ID's must be worn.
  • Teachers may send 1-4 students at a time with a pass from a class. The pass must include the students' names, date, time and teacher signature. Students sent without a pass will be sent back. Students must have a clearly defined task. Students may also come to the library during lunch and before or after school.
  • We have a scanner which teachers or students may use. Students pay 10 cents per page for print-outs unless they are with a class working in the library.
  • Students are allowed to check out up to 3 items at a time for 3 weeks. We do charge a late fee of 10 cents per day, only for days the library is open. Books may be renewed if students need more time to read them.
  • The direct link for the library calendar is http://bit.ly/BHSLibCal.


  • Videos, books and audiobooks may be searched online at http://destiny.aisd.net/. Click on Bowie and then click on the catalog tab.
  • See library staff if you need to check out equipment. Our insurance does not cover students moving equipment.
  • Please do not switch equipment or materials with other teachers without notifying us. If something has been checked out to you, please return it to the library and let us check it out to the next user so that our records are accurate and your record will be cleared.


Teachers are welcome to laminate at their convenience in the teacher workroom in the 500 hallway. Please let the librarian or library assistant know when the laminating film is running out. There are poster boards as well as rolls of butcher paper available in the library. These are for teacher use only; if students need posters or paper for an assignment, they need to provide their own. Please be conservative with your use of all consumable materials. They add up! If you require posters or butcher paper for classroom assignments, those will need to be purchased through your department. There is also a poster maker in the library, and you may request one poster for instructional use per year. The posters are black and white and work best for text only. These cost us $5.00 per poster due to the very high cost of the paper, so please only make posters that you plan to use for a long time. If you need additional posters, your department will need to pay $5.00 per poster. Another option available is the AISD print shop - they make nicer posters for a lot less money. These can be requested through the school secretary. If you need a poster or any laminating done in the library, please submit your request to Melissa Uribe or Anita Resmini and we will be happy to take care of it. We also have a die cut machine available for teacher use in the library workroom. Only teachers are allowed in the library workroom; please do not send your students.


Please bookmark our library website at http://bowielibrary.weebly.com/ and let me know if there are any website links you think I should add to the library's list of helpful links.


Collaborating with teachers is a major responsibility of the librarian. I will gladly:

  • Prepare pathfinders (lists of accurate, current websites) upon request.
  • Recommend teaching materials and equipment.
  • Locate additional reference or information sources.
  • Teach the library skills necessary for your students to research a project.
  • Assist you in coordinating a project, operating equipment, or anything else I can do to support you.
  • Obtain materials from other schools via interlibrary loan. (Please allow one to two weeks for materials to arrive.)
  • Teach Web 2.0 tools.



Sign up at the Public Library for a free library card. The library has waived the non-resident fee for AISD employees!