Reducing Water Cosumption

Katlyn Hawes

How is This Solution Carried Out

The solution is carried out by sharing the solution to the community!

Installing sub-meters. You can save at least 35% of water!

You can save 806 kl of water and $1 782 in 60 irrigation days.

62% less water consumption equals 14L million and 25 k saved.

85% less water consumption equals 55L million saved!

What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of Saving Water

Advantages: Disadvantages:

Moer electricity made Interferes with miagration

The lakes can used for water sports Wildlife habitat destruction

Lakes can be used for irrigation Leave home

Prevent uncontrolled flooding Very expencive

Is a renewable energy source

Where is 1 Place Where the Solution Working Well


Different Ways to Save Water Indoors

Top 10 different ways to save water are:

1. After use, turn the tap completely

2. Play fun games that teach you how to save water

3. Monitor your water bill

4. Re-Use towels

5. Check for leaks

6. Leave leaves on the ground to reduce evaporation

7. Leave lawn clippings

8. Catch rain-water

9. Use ice-blocks on hot days

10. Cover your pool with a pool cover