Great WP Engine Web Hosting Review

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Insights From A WP Engine Web Hosting Review

WP Engine Hosting is shared web hosting company. They provide hosting for websites and blogs and many businesses are switching over to this innovative hosting company. This WP Engine Web Hosting Review finds that migration to this hosting platform is seamless and site loading time is improved drastically. This web host is very popular. It includes new features and advances in technology. The company's current investors include Automattic, the driving force behind This hosting platform is considered by many WP experts and bloggers to be the best managed platform for WP hosting.

During this review, WP Engine was found to provide completely hassle-free migration. A new user simply provides login details and then a customer service representative will help set everything up. Hosting speed is very fast, most users find their site loads in about half the time when their site is migrated to WP Engine. This web host also provided a very high uptime rate of almost 99 percent.

This WP Engine Web Hosting Review also found that WP Engine is typically less expensive than other shared hosting companies. All statistics with this hosting service indicate quality performance.

One complaint found was how WP Engine charges its customers. Fees are charged based on the number of visits and there is some unhappiness with this method. WP Engine also seemed to charge on bot visits and has not implemented strategies for blocking bad bots. This means customers are being charged for invalid site visit.

One of the best things about WP Engine is their customer support. Every representative is skilled and experienced in WordPress and will take the time to provide all assistance a user requires. Even the support ticket system is quick and resembles a live chat with an almost immediate response time. Visit the link for more details about great WP Engine Web Hosting Review.

WP Engine is a high quality web host. Any new user sould be aware, however of potential charges for bot visits which can run rates up.