Spirit Animals Book6: Rise and Fall

By Eliot Schrefer


Rollan protagonist : In this book Rollan is pretty sad that that Meilin and Abeke was kidnapped by conquers but he is still a tough sarcastic boy who can easily stand up for himself.

Meilin pronagonist: Meilin is really not herself she is in a way destroyed on the inside but she is still going to fight as hard as she can to avenge her father. But Gerathon can see through her eyes and control her.

Conner protagonist: Conner is sad that Meilin and Abeke were kidnapped and he wants to save them and Abeke is like a sister to him, he would do anything for her.


I think the theme is to never give up because in the book it talks about how no matter how bad it gets you never give up. like at one point they were facing the toughest enemy's and they knew how bad it was but they didn't give up.


My book is in a different reality but if it was normal it would be in the past. The setting is in a place like Africa with safari's and deserts but the second half of the book is in a oasis and it doesn't affect the characters that much but since there are trees everywhere they don't see more than 50 yards ahead of themselves.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict is man vs. man because it is an army against four people even though they army doesn't fight them all at once it is about five at a time. The plot is all about four people saving the tailisman of a great beast. But they are not the only one who want it the conquers witch are the antagonist. They want to use the tailisman to take over the world. Because the Tailismans have special powers.