Island of paradise

The wonderful paradise of "The great place"

The great place is one of the most eco friendly island and resort in the world. The island is surrounded by the migrating whales and the beautiful clear sea. It is also has many natural bush and animals around it. All power is made by solar power and this is very eco friendly.
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Events and attractions

The great place has many attractions that will impress you when you get there. Some of these attractions are the migrating whales and the beautiful horizontal waterfalls. Some events that are held here are usually something to do with the festive seasons such as christmas. When it is christmas they usually have a bi party where everyone is welcome to celebrate the event.

Getting here

The great place can only be accessed by boat. The boats are very eco friendly and do not use any fuel. This is the only way in and out of the island. The boat ride is a very smooth 20min ride from perth to the great place.

The great place

the great place is a eco friendly place that allows you to experience the wonderful scenery and wilderness.
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