Marketing Plan

Abhinav Soma

My product's relevance and what it can be used for.

My project that I am creating is a robot made out of recycled materials. My project will be used for fun activities like fight with your creation with your friends or even create a group of robots that you created so you can have multiple of them. My product's relevance is that you can have fun creating these robots, you can have fun creating them and it also helps the Earth and also having fun at the same time, you can also make these products in various shapes and sizes, and they can also fit in with your personality.

How does my product affect the 3 R's

My product uses recycled materials and they can be used over and over again.

How to make my product step by step instructions

1. Take a cardboard box and trim off the exes sides with safety scissors.

2. Take the box and tape the sides so the box is even.

3. Tape 3 cups on the front, back and the middle.

4. Then take tape or hot glue then glue the cups on the box.

5. Take another box and tape it on the the body of the robot.

6. Then take 3 paper towel rolls and glue them on the sides of the box

7. Take how much items( bottle caps, Cardboard, etc.) you want as the gadets of the robot.

8. Put 2 bottle caps as the eyes(optional)

9. You are done!

Materials you need to make to my product

1- shoe box (optional) or any type of box

3- disposable cups

1- smaller type of box or cube

2- large paper towel rolls

2- bottle caps for eyes

3- batteries

1- circle

4- bottle caps for gadgets

1- large cap for mouth

1- flip top for the nose

How can my product can be used multiple times

My product can be used multiple times by not throwing, kicking, or punching it. It won't break if you take care of it. You can fight with friends with your robots and it won't fall apart.

Marketing plan

I will make robots that come in many shapes, sizes, colors, in a low price and they are affordable. Kids will love my product.