The gladiators home

By: ALaina Donnici

Why should you come to Rome?

Rome may have many wars but their nothing to lose when you have great architecture .Why would you want to go anywhere else when you can come here were their beautiful pools where you can relax.If you ever get bored there are plenty of gardens to see.

What If I get bored?

If you get bored there are plenty of things to see like gladiator fights.What if I don't like that kind of stuff? Well don''t worry you can also see the many chariot races .Or maybe if you are more of the chill type you can always got to one of our local spa's.They did things like wrestling,lifting weights etc.They tried work up an sweat .If they did not work up a sweat they would go to an hot room to do and try to get an cleansing sweat.After that they would go to an bathing pool and wash off.Then they used other oils to clean off the sweat and dirt from there skin.

What if I get hungry?

Don't worry you won't starve there are many foods to eat like the pig utters stuffed with cheese.. Instead why don't you just drink some of our delicious watered down wine.You can also eat urchins and boiled flamingos.

Where do I stay?

A poor person lived in a crowded apartment on one of the top floors , and especially poor family lived on a high raised building and was in an very cramped apartment.The teenagers threw the food waste and garbage out the window and on the street below.

What if I lived on a farm?

The Poor people's dad wanted the sons to be tough so they could work on the farm.The rich kids would sit by the pool.Most of the time if you had a big family everyone would be working in some part of the farm.But if not then you have to be able to work very fast.

What about my religion?

Teenagers played lots of music and if they were good enough they played at religious ceremonies.When they did this they were wearing robe and flower crowns.In ancient Rome it does not really matter what your religion was ,most of the time they had many different types of religion.

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