Ms. Farris' Class Newsletter

September 16th, 2016

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Looking Ahead

TOMORROW-- September 17th- New Addition Celebration 3-4pm (Pathfinder)
TOMORROW-- September 17th- PTA Carnival 4-6pm (Pathfinder)
September 21st- PTA Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night 5-7pm (Chick-Fil-A- Barry Road)

Specials this week

Monday: Library
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Art
Friday: PE

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • building up our stamina for independent reading time. We got to get out our reading buddies (stuffed animals) this week! We made it to 20 minutes this week! :)
  • using our math practices to share and solve word problems using a part/part mat.
  • working on various problem solving strategies and situations; comparing two situations and finding the missing addend (5+___=7) in a word problem
  • constructing arguments in math. We learned that we need to know how we got our answers and we need to be able to show our thinking.
  • being able to explain what a symbol is and name some symbols of America. This week we focused on the American Flag and the bald eagle.
  • learning what makes someone a good reader during reader's workshop.
  • learning all about short a.
  • learning what letters are consonants and what letters are vowels.
  • practicing writing with capitals at the beginning, lower case letters for most of the other letters, punctuation at the end, and spaces in the middle.
  • learning how to use Reflex Math! Information on how to utilize this program at home can be found in your child's STAR notebook!


  • writing assignment - What do you like about school? Please make sure to use pencils when working on this assignment and don't forget to include a picture. Let me know if you are in need of pencils or crayons/markers at home to complete homework. Remember that each week these homework pages will be turned into a class book.
  • practice for our spelling assessment on Friday - short e word list and sight words.
  • read 4 books and add to book log


This week we learned how to play Whack-A-Word. This is a fun and active game we play on Wacky Wednesdays to practice our spelling pattern for the week! To play each student first had to create a game mat. We learned that some letters are vowels and others are consonants. We colored the vowels and consonants 2 different colors. To play the game one of our words comes up on the Smart Board. Students have to "whack" the correct letters to spell the word. The PowerPoint is timed so it's important to focus!
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Reading with Reading buddies

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Have a Great Weekend!!

~Ms. Farris~