December 2, 1860

Dear, Journal

Today I was sold at an auction for negro people. The white people made me jump and run around to see my physical state. They made me lift boards and heavy weights. They tore me and my brother apart to two different people. I smelled the white man's cologne. I saw all of the white people out in front of me. Also I forgot I had chains clamped around my hands and feet. They hurt so bad they left marks and made my hands and feet go numb. I herd the bidding of me. My chains clang together. The highest bid was $ 800. I was sold.

Interview with Fredrick Douglass

Today I sat down with Fredrick Douglass and asked him about his life.

Alex: How dose being born into slavery feel? Why?

Fredrick Douglass: Bad I saw neighbors get lashed and I had to work in the fields.

A: How were you treated as a child?

FD: Getting caught because I would have to go back to some hard times.

A: What was your greatest fear of escaping?

FD: Getting caught because I would have to go back to hard times.

A: Why did you disguise as a sailor?

FD: I had to learn how to talk like a sailor so no one would return me to my slave owner.

A: When you got to the north what was your greatest achievement?

FD: I established antislavery newspaper.

A: When you wrote your newspaper who did you give your newspaper to? Why?

FD: I gave my news paper to the citizens. To let them know about slavery.

A: Why did you fight against slavery?

FD: I thought slavery was very bad.

A: What was you greatest accomplishment?

FD: I had the highest incarceration rate in the world.

A: Have you ever thought about what you did? Why?

FD: I did because I remember all the people I saved.

This concludes my interview with Fredrick Douglass. A former slave and a hero!!!!!

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Harriet Tubman was a great under ground railroad constructor of the underground railroad. She never lost a single slave during transportation of the slaves in the underground railroad.

Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland. She was born on march 10, 1822 . She was one of 11 children. She was one of the children of Harriet Ross and Benjamin Ross. Also she was a conductor of the underground railroad.

Harriet Tubman was beat with medal because she tried to stand up for another slave. Also Harriet Tubman married John Tubman after. she was a very important conductor of the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman freed more than 300 slaves and noun of them got caught. Earned a medal for taking someone else's beating.

She also had many achievements. Harriet helped more than 300 slaves escape. Also made homes for many needy slaves. She also had an achievement of bravery and being able to be a conductor of the underground railroad.

That is only a few but there is also many interesting facts about her. Her nickname was Minty. She stated "There was one of two things I had the a right to liberty or death". Harriet Tubman also served in the Union army as a spy and a medic.

There is a few facts about Harriet Tubman. You should know that she was a very great person. Also that we should honor her in all we got. She was a great person.

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I've escaped from the plantation I was in and I made it to a road. I was walking forever and made great progress I've made it to the border to the north. Today I was walking and I was spotted by authorities. I had to go back to the plantation. After a few days working at the plantation I decided to make a run for it and made it into the woods. I was very tired from the journey so I just stayed the night. After I slept I continued on and then I encountered a pack of wolves and I ran like the wind. I ran straight to the road. Then I kept walking for a long time and realized that I had made it to the border to the north again.I spotted a threat so great that I ran to the woods again. Then I kept walking forever and ever and ever. I made it back to the border to the north a third time. But sadly i was spotted by authorities again and was sent back to the plantation and after that I just decided to give up and work the rest of my life.
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December 31, 1861

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know I shouldn't say this but I survived another battle. It started early when general Baxton Bragg launched an attack on the right flank. We fought back but then we fell back and retreated. We both waited for another battle. The suffering was compounded by frigid weather. We were ready this time. The confederate rebels were not able to flank us any more. On January 2, 1863 the rebels army failed. Here how many people we lost, 12,906. Here's how many people we lost 11,739. Finally, the Stone's River battle was over.

Your loving son,


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