Trigonometry Project

Chasity Cramer

We are Weather Buddies

In this flyer I am glad to explain to you that I have demonstrated 3 different cities with very different weather conditions. I have showed you Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have showed you Bethesda, Maryland. As long with Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Questions & Answers

1.) Which city has the Lowest temperatures/ Highest temperatures?

Highest Temperatures - Bethesda Lowest Temperatures - Winnipeg's

2.)When do the cities have the Lowest Temperatures/ Highest Temperatures?

They have the Highest Temperatures in the months of June through September. They have the Lowest Temperatures in the months of October through May.

3.) Which city has the most change in temperature during the year/ least?

Winnipeg's has the most temperature change. Ponce has the least temperature change.

4.) How are the graphs the same/ different?

The graphs are the same by the amount of data they both hold. The difference is the range of temperatures. Each city has its our changing rate.

5.)Why do you think they are different?

The graphs are different because they either have a constant rate. They also have very uncommon rates. Winnipeg temperatures go really low while Bethesda Temperatures go high.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Highest Temperature / June- September

Lowest Temperature / December - February

Bethesda, Maryland

Highest Temperatures/ April - October

Lowest Temperatures / January - February

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Highest Temperatures/ Aug

Lowest Temperature / September & March

2nd Grade The Weather Song