War Of 1812

Quick Review

The War of 1812 was a war between the United States and Britain.

Causes of the War

Impressment and Blockades

Before the war started there were many causes that lead to the War of 1812. Impressment, kidnapping of sailors and forcing them to work, continues, and the British set up a blockade that restricted and block the trade route from America to Europe.

Native Americans

Here is another cause of the War of 1812. Native Americans were attacking settlers along the Mississippi River. There was also a Native American called, Tecumseh, he was a chief who united native tribes together to attack the Americans.

War Hawks

War Hawks were people in congress who wanted to have war with Britain.

Battle Regions

Chesapeake Campaign

In this battle, the British and went to the U.S. capitol and burned

Fort McHenry

This fort was best known for defending the Baltimore Harbor from British naval attacks. After that battle ,Frances Scott Keith, was inspired to write the national anthem "Star Spangled Banner."

Effects of the War


After the U.S. defeated Britain, they were respected world wide. People began to notice the strength of the United States.

Native Americans

Native Americans lost a lot of land and power because they sided with the British during the war.


After the War of 1812, the United States accepted Canada as a British neighbor.


Even after the war finished, the blockade stilled continued. So Americans decided to build factories and produce their own goods.