Ferdinand Magellan

Where ever Ferdinand goes, we go!

His Life

Ferdinand de Magellan was born around 1470 when there was a slight from King Manuel he was enlisted under the Spanish king, and traveled around the world. The expedition set sail on August 10, 1519, but Magellan was killed in April 1521, but his men already completed his voyage to Spain. His voyage proved the world isn’t flat but indeed round (although most educated people knew this).

His Exploration

Ferdinand de Magellan was born at Saborosa in Villa Real, about 1470 in a wealthy influential family. He mostly spend his childhood as a page of the Queen of Portugal. Ferdinand used to study the maps that Christopher Columbus had and in 1505 Ferdinand joined the expedition of Francisco d’Almeida to India. When Ferdinand joined the expedition to Morocco he was badly wounded and that same year he had a major disagreement with the commanding officer and he left the service without prior permission. In 1513 Ferdinand asked for permission to join the expedition to the Spice Islands in the Far East but with what happened with the commander officer his request was denied by King Manuel of Portugal. In 1519 he convinced the king of Spain to support his expedition to the spice island, Ferdinand had promise many spices and profit to the king so the king provided to him 5 boats. In 1520 when they were going to the Spice Islands a storm destroyed the Santiago.