The BEST prefix ever!! Every teacher has it or wants it!!!!!


Non is the best prefix around!!!!! You can add it to almost any word! It's nonstop fun for everyone, family, friends, and of course yourself!!!!!! Non is very special because it's a palindrome! A palindrome is something that can be read forward and backward, it can be words or even sentences! Like this sentence for example: "Ma is a nun, as I am" or this word: Minim. This is a feature that most prefixes don't have!!!
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Non can be very useful! You can add it to so many words!!!

Some examples are

nonthreatening-without non everything would threat you
nonverbal-without non you would have to talk a lot
nonviolent-without non everything would be violent

nonsense-without non everything would make sense....that wouldn't be fun!!!
And there's many more!!

You can use non with other letters to play scramble, boogle, or any other word games! Without non your life would be boring!! Non is very useful!!!!

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There are other prefixes that mean not to and you're probably asking why non is beter. First of all unlike prefix in, which also means not, non sounds a lot like not, which is non's definition, so it's easily remembered! Also words with prefix non are easily defined if you know the root word's definition. An example is nonvoter, non means not and voter means someone who votes and you put it together and its someone that does not vote. Words with non are so easily defined!!!!
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Once there was a prefix named non he did not want to do anything!!!!! His mom, extra, waned him to do everything!! She said yes to everything and wanted his son to be like her!!! But non had other plans in mind!!!!! One day a kidnapper. Came in and said who wants to be kidnapped and since mom extra couldn't say no she said yes!!!! It was crazy!!!! But non stepped in and said be nonviolent and stopped the kidnaping!!!! Ever since, his mom let him say no when ever he wanted!
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Who would want this?

Non is fun for everyone!! But who would use and like it more? Teachers of course!! They can use it to write on boards and presentations and teach all about non to their students!! Especially reading and writing teachers! I'm also pretty sure they love to play word games and could use it to beat a level!!
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