Rolling Hills Elementary


Hello RHE families,

Tomorrow is the big day! Unfortunately, the weather forecast does not look ideal. If it rains, we will hold the parade in the building. Parents will be able to view the parade in the gym. If it is not raining and only wet outside, we will hold the parade outside on the playground.

I will communicate to all parents prior to the parade as to the final location.

I will be sending a separate email to AM Kindergarten families.

Only those parents who are RHHSA Homeroom Parents will be permitted to help with the party. Homeroom parents will need to sign into the school at the main office.

We love when parents come to the parade in costume; however, we ask that parents not wear masks that disguise their identity.

Please remember that costumes incorporating weapons and/or depicting violence are not appropriate to bring to school. Our school strives for a climate of non-violence.

We anticipate many visitors and guests tomorrow. Please be patient when parking and driving through the parking lot.

Our goal is to help make the day as enjoyable as we can for our children.


Outdoor Parade

Please see the Halloween Letter 2019 - RHE for more information. Parents may cheer on our costumed students on the side playground. Parents will park in the main parking lot, and walk around the outside of the building to the playground. Parents will be able to view the parade from the perimeter of the playground.

Halloween Parade Route 2019

Indoor Parade

If it is raining, students will parade through the school and into the gym. Students will enter and exit the gym twice.

Please see the map below. Families will park in the main lot and walk to the back of the gym by the back soccer field. A cone will be set up outside to indicate the correct door.

At 2:15, a staff member will open the door and families can enter the gym. Families will be directed to sit in the bleachers. Beginning at 2:30, students will parade through the gym in front of bleachers twice.

Once the parade is complete, parents will exit the gym by the same back door.

Only homeroom parent volunteers will be permitted out of the gym to the classrooms.

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