Saucy Gift Certificate

Gifted to you with love from Andrea & Matt

This certificate entitles Christy & Jordan Barlow to one month of diaper service from Saucy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Service!

Barbara from Saucy Bottoms will be in touch with you very soon to set up at time for your in-person tutorial, where she'll walk you through how to use cloth diapers and explain how their service works.
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Your gift includes:

  • Unlimited organic, pre-fold cloth diapers
  • 5 covers
  • 1 Snappi
  • Unlimited fleece liners and flannel cotton wipes
  • Pail with 2 pail liners (one for dirty diapers, one to store clean diapers)
  • Weekly pick up of dirty diapers / drop off of fresh clean diapers
  • First 2 weeks free trial (so you get 6 weeks service in total)