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Weekly News & Updates for September 15 - September 27, 2019

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Important Events

Tuesday, September 17 - Cove Creek Area Team Meetings, Various Locations, 3:00 -4:15

Tuesday, September 17 - MS Volleyball, Cove Creek vs Blowing Rock @ BR, 4 pm

Tuesday, September 17 - Bryan Stevenson, Holmes Convocation Center, 7 pm

Wednesday, September 18 - Early Release, Noon

Wednesday, September 18 - Cove Creek & Bethel Faculties Professional Development, Media Center, 1 - 3:30 pm

Wednesday, September 18 - Watauga County MS Football, Hudson @ Watauga 4:30 pm

Thursday, September 19 - Thankful Thursday Kindness Crew’s Tailgate Luncheon & FRIENDS providing duty-free lunch

Thursday, September 19 - YES Club, Media Center 2:30 - 4 PM

Thursday, September 19 - Watauga MS Boys Soccer, West McDowell@West McDowell, 5:30 pm

Thursday, September 19 - Penn Station Spirit Night, 5th grade fundraiser

Thursday, September 19 - Friends of Cove Creek Meeting, Media Center, 6 pm

Friday, September 20 - 8th Grade Field Trip

Monday, September 23 - Cove Creek School Spelling Bee, Law's room, 8:10

Tuesday, September 24 - Cove Creek School Leadership Team Meeting, Media Center, 3:00- 4:15

Tuesday, September 24 - MS Volleyball, Cove Creek vs Parkway and Green Valley @ CC, 4 pm

Tuesday, September 24 - Watauga MS Boys Soccer, Ashe Co. MS @ TMSC, 4:30 PM

Wednesday, September 25 - Watauga County MS Football, Granite Falls @ WHS, 4:30 PM

Wednesday, September 25 - Watauga MS Boys Soccer, Cane River @ Cane River MS, 5 PM

Thursday, September 26 - Cove Creek Dental Clinic

Thursday, September 26 - MS Volleyball, Cove Creek vs Hardin Park @ CC, 4 pm

Looking Ahead:

Monday, October 7 - Cove Creek Green Team Meeting, Media Center, 2:45

Friday, October 18 - Cove Creek Fall Festival, Cove Creek School, 5:30 - 8:30

The week at the Creek...

I think I am getting back into the consistent groove with our newsletter. Thank you for your patience.

Things have been great at Cove Creek, except for the heat. Thank you for dressing your students in appropriate yet cool clothes and for ensuring that they have a water bottle that they can fill daily. I am opening doors, windows, and turning on fans in the morning, and teachers are monitoring their classrooms during the day. Hopefully, fall will come soon to the high country and with that, cooler temperatures.

Thank you for all you have done thus far to support your student. I appreciate those of you who have read the Parent & Student Handbook, participated in our Open Houses in grades 3-5 and 6-8, attended our first Friends of Cove Creek & Green Team meetings, supported our students during our fall sports season, and who are respecting the check-in, check-out and transportation policies that we have in place at Cove Creek. Safety is my number 1 priority when it comes to your students. Please do not hesitate to call me or email me if you have questions or need to talk something out.

Our 5th graders did a great job of representing our school at the county's Environmental Field Day on Friday, September 6! They are able to see some of the science they study in the classroom in action, and have a great time with their teachers and volunteers at Valle Crucis Park!

Midterms will be sent home on Friday of this week. Please contact your student's parents if you have questions. We are here to help you.

PLCs, FLEX TIME, and Intervention/Enrichment I/E Time at Cove Creek

You may hear your 6-8 students talking about FLEX. You may hear your K-5 student talk about I/E time. This year at Cove Creek, our teachers have taken on two major academic initiatives and should be applauded for all of their hard work. Basically, each week, grade level or subject area teacher teams work together to unpack the curricular standards for the subjects and grade levels they teach, so they can be ultimately sure about what all students should know, understand, and be able to do at the end of a lesson, unit or year of instruction.

Our teachers work collaboratively to create common formative assessments that evaluate your student's growth toward proficiency of those standards all year long. If a student is already proficient in a curricular standard, the teachers provide enrichment for the student to help them extend their learning. If a student is struggling with the vocabulary, skills, or concepts needed to be proficient on a curricular standard, teachers create opportunites for students to hear the information a second time, have more practice, use a different teaching modality, or catch up on a skill from earlier years that may be keeping he/she from being successful.

That's basically it, but it is a big deal for our teachers in the amount of time it takes for them to collaborate about the "right work," and ensure that all students have access to activities, lessons, and instruction at their appropriate level, every class, everyday. We are so lucky, at Cove Creek, to have teachers who want each and every student to learn at high levels and to be successful in academics and all aspects of their school experience.

Please ask your student, me, or your student's teachers about Flex or I/E time. It is a shift for us as a school, but it is our way of putting our mission and vision statements into action and teaching ALL students who enter our doors. Thanks for your support!

The other great opportunity this affords our middle school students is that on Fridays, we have Club Day. Students who may not be able to stay after school for a club are able to participate in Robotics, middle school FFA, HOSA, student council, Battle of the Books, and other clubs that they are interested in. They may be able to spend more time with Ms. Scarborough, the Orchestra and Band teacher or with Mrs. Laws, working on the yearbook. This is a great opportunity and part of the true middle school model. Thank you again to the teachers (and parent volunteers) who are helping Friday Club Day to be a success!

Our Lady Raiders are 6-0 on the Volleyball Court! We are proud of them and their families for being positive, supporting our school, and being great sportswomen on and off the court. Come see them in action this week!

I am grateful to serve this community and am here to support the students, the faculty and staff, and you as parents. Thank you for entrusting your most precious child to us. We are honored and do not take the responsibility lightly.


Mrs. Kelly Walker, Principal

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S A V E T H E D A T E ! ! ! M A R K Y O U R C A L E N D A R S ! ! !

The Fall Festival at Cove Creek is Friday, October 18 from 5:30 - 8:30pm.

Here's what you need to know: That weekend is the busiest of the fall season in Boone (Valle Country Fair, Woolly Worm Festival, ASU home game), so don't you dare fight the Boone traffic on Friday evening. Nope - don't drive any further than Cove Creek School. We will have dinner waiting for you, along with lots of fun for the whole family! And, all the money raised goes right back into our incredible school. Everybody wins!

What can you do to help? I'm so glad you asked! A sign-up genius will be posted in the next few weeks right here on the FB page. When you see it, please sign up to help out. For now, we are collecting Bingo prizes! If you sell or make something (jewelry, soap, crafts, make-up, skin care, candles, etc) - consider donating one or more of your items as prizes. We'll include your business card with the item! Email us at or just bring items by the school office. Thanks!

BUS Behavior on COVE CREEK buses!

Thank you for your patience with our bus routes for the last two weeks. We have substitute drivers and changes to routes, so it takes a while to get the am and pm routes situated. We appreciate your communication with us. You must know that student safety on buses is our utmost concern.

As we begin this school year, please remind your students that riding a bus to and from Cove Creek is a priviledge, not a right.

Coming to school is a requirement, but we want to remind all Cove Creek students that bus behavior is the same as school behavior. Bus Drivers submit bus referrals to administration, who then investigate and make determinations regarding bus assigned seats or suspensions.

Please talk to your students about how they represent themselves, their family and our school when they ride a school bus. There are cameras placed on all buses.

Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding any bus issues. We are working on improving student behavior on buses and that will be an area of focus next year! Thank you!

Social Media Use (and how it affects Cove Creek Students)


Please ensure that you check your student's device(s) and ensure that what they are posting on Instagram, via text, Snapchat, and or any other social media application is appropriate.

We have had many instances where inappropriate communication through social media applications OUTSIDE of the school day has resulted in disciplinary issues or student conflict at Cove Creek.

Any cyber issues that happen outside of school but are reported to administration, will be investigated and then turned over to our SRO, Deputy Scott. Students at Cove Creek are not allowed to have their devices out once they come into the school (once the 7:55 bell rings until the 2:30 bell rings), so if they don't need to bring them to school, by all means, keep them home!

We will be working with you next year (and your students), along with Deputy Scott, to educate everyone as to what could happen if a social media issue effects our school day. Remind your students: whatever they put out there is just like a permanent tattoo and can be pulled up and found. Nothing ever goes away! Thanks for helping us to make Cove Creek a safe school during the school day and after hours!

Cove Creek Behavior Matrix

We are a Green Ribbon Positive Behavior Intervention and Support School. Please review the Matrix at the link listed above with your student. He or she can focus on instruction, earn person Red Raiders and classroom White Raiders for following the behavior expectations put in place by our PBIS team. Please get in touch with me or Ms. Gough if you want to learn more!

Middle School Clubs!

HOSA, RoboRaiders, & Middle School FFA

3rd Grade Reading

Mrs. Warren & Mrs. Hall are working on character traits & writing by using "Pinduli" as an exemplar.

WCS Teachers & Principal of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Anne and all the WCS teachers and Dr. Blanton. They were recognized at the September 7 ASU game for being Watauga County Teachers' of the Year for 2019-2020!
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Beautiful sunflowers blooming at Cove Creek! Planted by our summer WAMY campers. Thank you!

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